Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Correlating units from many maps

We reviewed the nomenclature for the existing maps that cover Clark County and correlated those units to the newly-developed Clark County nomenclature based on deposit type, what materials it is composed of, and any age constraints. In cases where the units do not correlate well, we simply added additional units to the Clark County nomenclature to accommodate the existing map’s nomenclature.

The following maps were compiled:
Las Vegas 100k: usgs sim 05-2814
Lake Mead 100k: usgs ofr 07-1010
Mesquite Lake 100k: usgs ofr 06-1035
Ludington, unpublished data
Death Valley ground-water model area, 250k: usgs mf 2381
Colorado, White River, and Death Valley groundwater flow systems, 250k: nbmg m150

This list of units with brief descriptions is the current Clark County nomenclature.

The following correlation diagrams are split by deposit type and show how all the compiled maps correlate to each other and to the new Clark County nomenclature.