Friday, February 13, 2009

Surficial Geology Detail Comparison: Ivanpah Valley

There are two data sets of surficial geologic mapping that cover the Clark County part of Ivanpah Valley. The first one is from an NBMG map that I made. It is far too detailed to serve as a basis for mapping the entire county:

The same area from the 100k Mesquite Lake map shows considerably less detail, but relies on composite / combined units to account for this in most cases:

The Mesquite Lake snip above is from a map in which Ivanpah Valley is only a moderately small part. The map I developed (with help) was focused entirely on Ivanpah. As mentioned in a previous post, we are leaning toward some point between these two renditions. The NBMG map (published at 50k but mapped at ~12k) is excessively detailed and the USGS 100k map is a bit too general for what we would like to develop with the ND2MP. For example, we hope to map fewer composite units.

We suspect that we will ultimately end up closer to the USGS characterization of Ivanpah than to the NBMG characterization....not sure yet. We are actively applying generalization routines of various sorts to the NBMG data set. I will post a few examples next week.